One Question Session

Have you ever wanted to ask a person that you knew was wise and compassionate a personal question, but you were too embarrassed or didn’t think your question was important enough to ask?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few people you can turn to for answers, but they already know you and don’t have much objectivity.

You might feel a deep sense of longing for someone to talk with that is philosophical and fair-minded. For someone to just put aside their own judgements and allow you to tell your story and receive straight feedback.

Until now the only way to talk with a wise and kind stranger was to hire a therapist or hope you find someone with both intelligence and compassion but now you have another option.

Booking a “One Question Session” with John Voris can be a great experience

John Voris for the last 20 years has helped many people discover their authentic selves and solve personal issues that have been hampering them for decades. His wisdom and intuition have guided people into wise decisions as they learn from their own nature what the right answer is.

As the name suggests, the One Question Session allows you to ask a single question in a 30-minute timeframe. The session is on the phone or using zoom and can be scheduled online.

How does this work? Create a question and submit it along with your payment. You will be asked best times to schedule the session, agree to terms then submit your payment. You will receive a call-in number that you will use for your session.


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