John Voris Brings Together Ancient Wisdom,
Modern European Philosophy and Psychology

For decades John Voris has studied and read ancient and modern philosophers as well as a wide range of psychology and metaphysical writings both eastern and western. He wanted to know why some people succeeded and others failed at certain career paths even though they had the same education and background and intelligence.

He put together a program based on his own observations and supported by his studies, his own wisdom and the intelligence of hundreds of philosophers and psychologists throughout the centuries. This approach has led to new insights by connecting old ideas together then giving them a personal application.

Pictured above are just some of the people who influenced John Voris and his Authentic Identity System. First Row: Aristotle, Mikhail Bakhtin, Martin Heidegger, David Hume, Carl Jung, Emmanual Kant Second Row: Soren Kierkegaard, Susanne Langer, Plato, Schopenhauer, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Irvin D. Yalom

By tapping into all this esoteric knowledge John Voris is able to identify several hidden aspects to your being. When you understand and leverage your authentic nature you can express yourself freely and open yourself to your true motivations and desire creating more energy and well-being in your life.

John’s Process

How does the car you drive reflect your authentic self?

Objects reveal our innate nature.

According to Carl Jung everything that has a name is a symbol. A symbol is any physical thing or idea that represents one or more ideas. Symbols motivate us by the emotions and feelings we project upon them and how they impact us. They create the emotions that motivate us in the moment, as well as the feelings that inspire us over long periods of time.

We use the objects around us to express and form our identities. If these objects are destroyed, we replace them with new objects. Objects we collect are, on various levels, extensions of who we are.

The objects we surround ourselves with reflect our physical changes through life and, at the same time, manifest our abstract inner and unchanging selves. Objects evoke meaning. We use objects to demonstrate who we are and who we want to be. Objects also remind us of our past, and help us imagine our future.

We also turn physical objects into symbols by projecting abstract meaning on them. It is through this projection that John is able to help you see and understand your Authentic Identity.

How It All Started

John Voris was always interested in philosophy, the great thinkers and psychology. Against his parent’s wishes to become a lawyer, he attended Berkeley and received a degree in Philosophy. He soon had a family and supported them working as a cold-call salesman.

The “No’s” of rejection he received out in the sales field overwhelmed him. John attended dozens of sales training programs. Then came the countless books and tapes from successful salespeople, all of whom assured him if he followed their instructions great success would soon follow. But no matter how diligently he followed their methods and suggestions he still felt the sting of rejection and low sales numbers.

Eventually he quit sales altogether. He bought a deli and successfully ran it and eventually sold it. In the early 1980s a friend urged John to take a sales position in his new business. Considering his past failure with sales John was at first very reluctant to take the position but with enough cash from the sale of the deli in reserve to fall back on he decided to take the risk. This time however, it would be different.

He was determined to climb out of the “sales training box” and ignore absolutely everything he was taught by the industry by engaging in a living experiment. John would put his degree in philosophy to good use; taking what he learned; and applying it to his new sales efforts. Now, every new prospect would become its own case study.

It didn’t take long until he discovered a patten of behavior and within 6 months he had a proven, successful selling model that he would use for decades earning himself a very comfortable living in what is generally considered the toughest sales gig on the planet: Retail, Door to Door, Cold-Call Sales.

Authentic Systems

John retired from sales in early 2000. He wanted to create programs and train people with the method he discovered. He taught people in sales and executive coaches to use his approach. His focus is on giving readings and bringing his work directly to individuals, although he still offers sales training and coaching packages.

John has two daughters who are both artists and lives in Sacramento, California with his wife Kathleen.