Western Psychology versus European Psychology

For decades, a battle has been brewing. And likely you have been completely unaware of it. The 1960 edition of Existence, edited by Rollo May, begins to explain the conflict between American Psychology and European...
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Who Are You, Really?

Why is it important to ask who you are? Because it determines what you can and cannot change in yourself. Picture in your mind that you are a teenager in high school. Watch what you...
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who are you really

Personality Profile Tests Lack Personality

Personality profile tests are promoted as providing information about how a person will actually perform and behave in the workplace or fit within an organization. They rely on statistical surveys where averages are collated generating...
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Personality Test

The 3 Types of Salespeople: Surf, Turf and Amphibian

“Sales isn’t for everybody. Sorry, we don’t think you are cut out for sales.” Have you ever been on the receiving end of such a statement? Most sales managers will emphatically state that a salesperson...
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The Psychology of Selling Imported from Europe

My interest in the psychology of selling was rooted from my own frustrations and failures while making a living selling products door to door. What really puzzled me was that the same training I was...
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the psychology of selling

Life Themes As Universal Virtues

While personality is only our style of expression the power driving this expression is our inner Identity. This power begins with our natural Universal Archetypal Life Themes of Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power. A Life...
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Universal Virtues
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