CHAPTER X PODCAST with Michael Kay
Michael interviews John Voris about the 4 Life Themes as it applies to the only need the human mind has.

Linda discusses how she uses the Authentic Identity Assessment with her executive clients and directing people with career changes and big decisions.

EVER FORWARD RADIO with Chase Chewning
For decades John Voris has studied and read ancient and modern philosophers as well as a wide range of psychology and metaphysical writings both eastern and western. He wanted to know why some people succeeded and others failed at certain career paths even though they had the same education and background and intelligence.

After 20 years of unsuccessful cold-call selling, John W Voris decided to throw out everything and take a fresh approach. Drawing on his degree in Philosophy, he invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that revealed a person’s life motivation and authentic design far beyond sales. Now, as CEO of Authentic Systems, John educates using practical and teachable methods and techniques based on European Psychology that guides others in their life choices regarding success or failure in their career, relationships, and personal well-being. Often compared to Jordan Peterson by his colleagues, John is an international best-selling author and passionate about leading people to attain their life goals by helping them find their true motivation.

Mike interviews John Voris, the author of Discover the Power That Drives Your Personality. John discusses “Life Themes” which gives people structure and guidance in the decisions they make. Life themes help people deal with stressors they have in life from the decisions they are making to the careers they choose or the organizations they work for.

CAREERS BY JENN  How do you have an authentic career without having an authentic life? And what does that mean, anyway? Join guest philosopher, author, psychological researcher and speaker John Voris as we talk about how to have an authentic everything!

Podcast interview on Authors Unite with host Tyler Wagner

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