Road Purpose

What Is Your Purpose in Life?

Have you ever asked yourself some of the big questions of life: “What should I do?” “Who should I become?” These questions are addressed quite often. However, one of the biggest questions in life which is often overlooked is “Who am I?’

On the surface it it may seem that “Who am I?” is  not that relevant in today’s world.  What we “do” defines us. We are so busy doing, acquiring, producing and achieving that we might not take the time necessary to truly ask “Who am I?”

Why is this question so important? It is important because in answering that question definitively you can access the very reason for all of your past choices as well as the foundation from which all of your future choices will be made. This will provide you with a far greater control over the direction of your life. It also provides the answer to another equally important question: “What is my purpose?”

Learn How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Things such as “life purpose” and “who am I really” are often dismissed and discounted in many cultures. Unfortunately, what is missed is a great opportunity to explore the subtle, invisible realm of the mind, which drives the very cause of all our busy “doings”.

This concept is so important that we can boldly declare that you, indeed all of us: “live and die by what is hidden”. What motivates us? What drives one person to sacrifice their life for something they believe in? What is the force behind our actions and desires?

“Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” are inquiries into our state of being which is only accessible by means of abstract, unobservable concepts and therefore are effectively “hidden”. However as John Voris has demonstrated they are really hidden in plain sight.


Introducing John Voris

John Voris has found a way to read a person’s life purpose using an amazingly unique and reliable method. He owns a research and development firm focused on philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. John has worked with over a thousand people helping them discover their Life Purpose and Authentic Identity.

John invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that reveals a person’s true motivation and metaphysical design. You truly can know your life’s purpose and John will help you understand and embrace your authentic self.

By recognizing the symbols and objects that surround his clients, John is able to decipher their inner life-long motivation or as he calls it, their Authentic Identity that lies in a framework of the Life Theme. Knowing how these operate in your life can direct you to experience the true source of happiness, motivation and purpose that represent a triad of power that lie just beneath the personality.

Learn More About Your Authentic Identity

John Voris earned his degree from The University of California at Berkeley with a major in Philosophy. His life experience and continued research allowed him to discover a portal into the Authentic Identity and Life Purpose of individuals.



Design and Purpose Point to Your True North


Design and purpose act like an internal compass that we can rely upon to point us to our true north. When we follow it, we are far more likely to experience success and well-being.

We are all born with the natural ability to express our design and purpose. Unfortunately, we are often steered away from that natural self-expression early in our lives by well-intended individuals who feel they know what’s best for us. If our purpose differed from our parent’s idea of what we should be, we may have been discouraged from being our true selves and instead, encouraged to pursue activities that might actually go against our natural design.

The society and culture around us imposes set of values that may have encouraged and rewarded behavior that conflicts with our natural design and purpose.

Over time, if we are not accepted for our authentic selves, our compass stops working altogether. We stop trusting ourselves and begin to suppress our natural inclination to travel our own path. Most of our energy goes into creating self-doubt, second guessing our decisions resulting in a growing lack of self-confidence. Afterward, very little energy remains to do the things we were put here to do. John Voris can reset your internal compass to point to your true north once again.