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In our search for answers to life’s big questions we often look to psychology. 

But perhaps the solution is not psychological, but rather philosophical. After all, philosophy has long grappled with questions of meaning, purpose, and the human condition for centuries.

Latest News

We are pleased to announce that a paper has been published on SSRN (Social Science Research Network) about John’s 4 Life Themes.  Towards Locating the Validatable Foundations of Life Themes … and, how we communicate written by Jeremy Horne, PhD about the Four Life Themes versus personality tests.

It is currently being distributed in :

  • Social Neuroscience, Neuroeconomics & Neuroanthropology eJournal
  • Philosophy of Mind eJournal
  • Social & Personality Psychology eJournal
  • PsychRN: Personality Processes & Individual Differences
  • Environmental Sociology eJournal
  • Social Psychology eJournal

Introducing JOHN VORIS – philosopher, entrepreneur and inventor of the Authentic System – a new way of understanding humanity and your life purpose.

He created a program that harnesses the power of philosophy to answer some of life’s big questions:

What is your life purpose?
Who were you designed to become?
What truly motivates you?

We live in a world dominated by Western science that demands we focus only on what is measurable, even when examining human nature. Since science cannot penetrate our inner abstract minds, current identity research depends on the responses of subjects to psychological testing. 

No one can measure what it is to want, to hope, to believe, or to care, and yet it is these capacities that make us human. 

To live a fulfilling life, we must return to who we are at a deeper level. We must remember what it means to be human, how we are all similar, and yet how each of us is unique as an individual.

What Is Your Life Theme?

We all possess a distinct and powerful driving force that fuels our passions and ambitions.  This force is hidden within the wisdom of four ancient archetypes of virtue: Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power.

Take my free questionnaire and immediately receive your Life Theme Report.

Discover Life Theme Test

Discover the power of the hidden force that drives your passions and personality 

Love, Justice,
Wisdom and Power:
The 4 Life Themes Explained

In John’s latest book you get to experience the four archetypes that drive your personality and decide which one of them commands your life’s calling and purpose. Learn which pairings foster supportive relationships and which pairs are more challenging. 

International Bestselling Author

John Voris is a philosopher, writer and a human motivation researcher. He graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a degree in philosophy and has never stopped his quest for answers to the deep questions.

For several decades through rich life experiences and continued research John invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that reveals a person’s underlying motivation and what they were truly designed to do.

He discovered a huge difference between how American psychology views human motivation based on behaviorism and what can be measured versus what European psychology views human motivation which is based more on Existentialism and man’s search for meaning which is not measurable.

By recognizing the symbolic clusters in the form of objects that surrounds his clients, including the words they use, he was able to discover their inner life-long motivation or as he calls it, a Life Theme.

John’s method accesses the four major Virtues of Humanity or Life Themes and how they are designed to bring us fulfillment in life. He discovered that happiness, motivation and purpose represent a triad of power intertwined beneath our personality and that for decades American psychology has been incorrect with their cult of personality as it applies to human motivation and authentic life purpose.

Why This Is Different

Most people are unaware that there has been an academic battle between the western and continental view of psychology and philosophy. The history of continental philosophy is usually thought to have begun with German idealism. Led by figures like Fichte, Schelling, and later Hegel, the continental approach rejected the western mechanistic view of philosophy and psychology.

European thinkers began with what it means to be human rather than searching for the possibility of natural laws concerning human behavior.

With the Western view determined to be thought of as a science, both the study of behavior and the mind are dependent upon observable criteria. In fact, books on psychometrics assert that if something cannot be measured it does not exist.

Yet, what gives our life meaning are not measurable. How do you measure, love, desire, ambition, determination or any other behavioral temperament?

What I discovered bridges the western and continental views through the use of Symbology. Objects, people, and events are the props we use in our daily life dramas, made possible by attributing meaning to objects, which by definition, generates a symbol.

We chose the symbols of meaning that surround us based on our Identity. From the clothes we wear, to the jobs we take, to the people in our lives, they all conform to who we are with no exceptions where free choice is present.

Throughout history the need for Identity expression has been the one and only consistent motivating need that is proclaimed to motivate our other behaviors.

Therefore, the symbolic meaning that surrounds us reveals our inner identity for all to see including what makes us happy.

By recognizing the symbolic clusters that surrounds my clients, including the words they use, I am able to discover their inner life-long motivation or as we call it, a Life Theme.

Once the Life Theme is identified, for the first time, my client can understand why he or she feels incomplete, unhappy or just unmotivated. They also can separate the right problems from the wrong ones and lift the feeling of overwhelm in life.

They also discover if they have surrounded themselves with the right or wrong people. With knowing your Life Theme beneath your personality, you can have control over your life rather than having your inner motivation responsible for you your self-doubt.

The 4 Life Themes

Everyone has all four of the Life Themes in their being yet one of them is used predominantly. 

Love Theme

Are you a humanitarian concerned with well-being and compassion?

Do you seek balance with the law or symmetry using design or engineering?

Are you the archetypal teacher and lifelong learner?

Do you seek to create change using action and authority?

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