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Too many great people, just like yourself, find themselves with the wrong career, the wrong relationship, or the wrong college degree because they made deeply uninformed decisions when it came to their critical life choices. What if you could break the code of who you really are so that you actually start living the life you deserve and were originally designed to have? That’s what the Authentic Living: Podcast for a Better Life is all about. Your hosts, John Voris and Kim Eley, have shown thousands of people what their Authentic Identity really is and how to allow that identity to dominate their careers, connect with the partner of their dreams, and choose the best degree and plan for themselves or their children. If you’re ready to finally live your best life based on what you were designed to be then we invite you to understand what it means to know and live by the code of your Authentic Identity. Every Monday listen to a new episode and remember to subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform.


Relationship Types with 4 Archetypes with Melissa Meredith Wells

With a background in assessments, Melissa Wells was intrigued when she met John Voris from Authentic Systems and learned about Life Themes and the 4 Archetypes. In this insightful interview, Kim Eley, Melissa, and John discuss how the Life Themes and relationship types interact with one another. In this lively discussion, the three explore which Life Themes are likely to disagree, at which parties the Life Themes would dance on the table, and how to channel your Life Theme for personal and professional success.

Assessment specialist Melissa Meredith Wells talks about relationships between the 4 archetypes
Authentic Living Podcast with Carol Chisholm

Federal Intelligence Psychologist Carol Chisholm Talks Authentic Systems

Dr. Carol Chisholm, self-described eclectic psychologist and delightful guest, joins co-hosts John Voris and Kim Eley for a lively discussion about personality profile tests, the Authentic Systems assessment and how it stands out, the revealing process of asking 6 questions, depression, high school students, and whether Carol would recommend that counselors, coaches and trainers take the Authentic Systems assessment.

Carol Chisholm
Dr. Carol Chisholm, Federal Intelligence Psychologist

The Impact Archetypes Have on Family Dynamics

Authentic Systems, which is based on four main archetypes, can have a huge impact on families and their dynamics. Knowing the four archetypes, love, justice, wisdom, and power, and who we really are beneath our personalities, has empowered co-host John Voris in numerous client consultations. Co-host Kim Eley became interested in this topic through her book, too. Harness the power of understanding who you are and your family dynamics in this powerful episode of Authentic Living.


John’s Origin Story for Authentic Systems

In episode 1 of “Authentic Living: The Podcast for a Better Life,” Kim Eley asks her co-host John Voris how he leapt from door-to-door sales failure and doom into cracking the code for understanding how to sell what people were buying. Giving insights along the way about human nature, symbols, John’s incredible sales closing rate, and how he crafted Authentic Systems from his years of sales research.