Relationship Types with 4 Archetypes with Melissa Meredith Wells


With a background in assessments, Melissa Wells was intrigued when she met John Voris from Authentic Systems and learned about Life Themes and the 4 Archetypes.

Kim, Melissa, and John discuss how to improve a relationship by understanding each Life Theme’s unique values, allowing you to communicate with others and navigate potential conflicts.

From finding commonality to providing adequate space for disagreements, they talk about which Life Themes are likely to disagree and have different styles of conflict management, which parties each Theme would attend, and how to channel your Life Theme for personal and professional success.

With these insights, it’s clear that understanding Life Themes can help individuals understand themselves and others in order to create better relationships.

Assessment specialist Melissa Meredith Wells talks about relationships between the 4 archetypes

About the author

CEO of Authentic Systems, Degree in Philosophy from University of California, Berkeley.

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