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John invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that reveals a person’s true motivation and life purpose. He owns a research and development firm focused on philosophy and psychology in Carmel, California. His upcoming book “Activate Your Life Theme” describes the four archetypes that define all of humanity: Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power.

The Life Themes: Love Justice Wisdom Power
Your audience will by completely wowed by how much they better understand themselves, their loved ones and co-workers from John’s presentations.

John has worked with hundreds of people helping them discover their authentic self and helping them express their true calling.

All of John’s speeches are customized. He works with you to understand your audience, your theme and your goals for the presentation.

The following titles and concepts can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your audience. His speaking engagements are informative and interactive. John can include audience participation if you’d like. He can do Life Theme assessments with audience volunteers and demonstrate the amazing human insights that he developed.

How to Understand the Archetypes That Drive Your Life Purpose

John Voris produced a clear vision of the engines that drive our life purpose and mission in life. It is the unique expression of each of these engines combined that make up an individual’s total experience and what he calls “The Authentic Identity.” It includes the archetypes Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power. Your quest for the meaning of your life begins here. All of us have one dominant theme we follow in life and John explains and demonstrates what these are during this presentation.

Do You Really Know Your Prospect Enough to Sell Them Something?

As a former sales rep, John teaches people to look at the objects surrounding prospects and other physical evidence that will describe their beliefs, values, and motivations. They will reveal their current worldview and what they are willing to buy and not buy. What people sell is not something a buyer sees as just another object to have and satisfy a momentary need—the sales rep has convinced a buyer that this object qualifies to become part of their identity and worthy of purchase. By assessing these real physical objects, this method is objective and not of personal opinions.

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John Voris

John Voris earned his degree from The University of California at Berkeley with a major in Philosophy. His life experience and continued research allowed him to discover a portal into the Authentic Identity and Life Purpose of individuals.

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