Linda Hardenstein Career Development with Authentic Systems


Are you feeling stuck in your current career? Do you want to discover career development that will bring you the highest career satisfaction?

Join us for this episode with Linda Hardenstein, an experienced career coach who specializes in helping professionals reach their goals.

After many years of working as a legal professional without finding true fulfillment, Linda was able to find her own ideal career path thanks to John and the Authentic Systems assessment.

Now, she is passing on this knowledge to other clients who are at various stages in their careers and have different objectives, from transitioning into a new field or advancing within their current profession.

Also in this episode is Melissa Meredith Wells who Linda initially brought into Authentic Systems after meeting at a Women in Business event.

Tune in now to learn how you can use Linda and John’s insights to unlock your full career potential.

To learn more about Linda go to her website at:

Linda Hardenstein

About the author

CEO of Authentic Systems, Degree in Philosophy from University of California, Berkeley.

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