Discover Your Life Theme:
The Engine That Drives You

Your Life Theme offers a framework that gives shape to what motivates and drives you throughout your life. It is the answer that you have been searching for.

It has been discovered in the studies of anthropology, sociology and archaeology that there are four major influences or archetypes that govern human behavior. They are Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power.

These four archetypes have many roles and functions that compose our identity. It is their adequacy of expression that is responsible for us living a life of happiness and success. While each of us contains all four, there is one that takes precedent over the others.

They are responsible for our feelings and emotional reactions often causing anxiety, fear, anger, self-doubt, alienation, the lack of life meaning and purpose. Once you know your personal driving Archetype, you will be able to understand its presence and better manage your life and your relationships.

The advantage of understanding your life theme is that it provides you with insight into why you react to certain situations the way you do. Once you know what your Life Theme is it becomes far easier to attain your goals.

The advantage of figuring out other people’s life themes is that you will then have a much better understanding of why they may be behaving in a certain way. Once you figure this out, you suddenly know an incredible amount about the inner workings of that person.

People have been viewing the Personality Profile test as a way to ascertain who they are in order to get what they want out of life. While learning who they are is crucial to the process, the Personality Profile method can only reveal the effects and not the causes of what motivates you.

For this reason, we offer the Authentic Life Theme Assessment that reveals one’s Identity that exists beneath the personality. Once this is discovered, anyone can find true contentment, wellbeing and happiness.

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With the John Voris Method, your Life Theme will be revealed.

• The Love Theme is motivated to better humanity by trying to correct that which causes pain, discomfort, suffering, and victimization. It is driven by love, compassion, and empathy.

• The Justice Theme seeks balance and harmony. Justice is expressed in several ways. It seeks to correct injustice and immorality in people, relationships and organizations. It also gets expressed by seeking balance and perfection using design through engineering, art, music, and literature.

• The Wisdom Theme is driven by a need to know in order to exercise sound judgment in problem solving and goal attainment. Wisdom finds its expression and purpose through teaching, learning, and working with data.

• The Power Theme needs to act upon thoughts and get into action. Empowerment finds its expression and purpose through Power as a natural leader and agent of change.

You are not a personality. You are an identity. And that identity is driven by one of four archetypes or as I like to call them “Life Themes.”

My research has revealed in the writings from the ancient Egyptians, American Indians of North America, global Shamans, European philosophers and psychotherapists, the historical presence of four universal and innate sources of motivation: Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power. These archetypes represent four and only four major motivating forces that can explain human behavior.

The description of each corresponds perfectly with the four motivating Life Themes of Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power:

1) The Life Theme of Love focuses on appreciating the individual’s full potential by expressing their Authentic state of Being;

2) The Life Theme of Justice focuses on human social values and symmetry of art and engineering with the intent of promoting mutual harmony.

3) The Life Theme of Wisdom reveals our approach and motivation of how, what, and why we learn.

4) The Life Theme of Power is our source for change. We are driven to impact the world by making it a better place to live and fill the requirements of others to maintain their preferred life style.

People have all four of these Life Themes with one dominating the other three. This driving force is more powerful than a “personality” and it expresses itself in a person on a continuous basis.

As you can see, there is something deeper than our personality at work that is running the show. Our personality is merely the way we appear in social situations. It is not what drives us. What drives us are ancient archetypal forces based on moral and ethical virtues. I like to see these virtues as gifts that we are born with and are compelled to express and give throughout our life.

Each of us use each of the universal motivation systems in our lives. We learn in order to understand (Wisdom) the meaning of all that is in our environment; this learning occurs progressively through exchanges (Justice) of experiences with others as we act (Power) to produce and impact our environment. This is all dedicated to affirm (Love) our identity and promote well-being in the world.

All of us need all four of the universal motivation systems regardless of our upbringing, opportunities, and physical attributes:

• If humans could not learn survival skills, find social cooperation, or change our environment through creative thought, we could not take care of our loved ones or ourselves. We would not know how to show compassion to others. (Love)

• If humans did not have the ability to find mutually beneficial moral and ethical relationships among each other, society could not function as a whole and we could not survive. As it is, life gives us a sense of belonging. (Justice)

• If humans were not curious to learn our environment, how to associate with others, or how to feed, clothe, or protect ourselves from the environment, we could not survive. As it is, life gives us meaning. (Wisdom)

• If humans did not have the motivation to act and change our environment or ourselves, we could not survive. After all, humans are the least prepared species for physical survival without our ability to invent and create change. (Power)

With the John Voris Method, you can look to your inner circle and find how your Life Theme contributes to your whole circle of friends, lovers, relatives, and acquaintances. How do you and your Life Theme hold the group together?

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