John’s Origin Story for Authentic Systems


In episode one of Authentic Living: The Podcast for a Better Life, publisher and author Kim Eley asks philosophy expert, sales extraordinaire, and Authentic Living co-host John Voris about Authentic Systems, a program he created that took him from door-to-door sales failure and doom to overwhelming success.

His innovative program allowed him to understand what motivated people’s buying decisions, and John soon realized that these insights could help people in other areas of their lives, too.

On the podcast, John shares how he crafted Authentic Systems based on his extensive research into human behavior, giving listeners an inside view into his groundbreaking methodology and why being your authentic self matters.

He also provides invaluable advice on how to analyze people’s deep-seated motivations in order to make persuasive sales and lead a successful life.

About the author

CEO of Authentic Systems, Degree in Philosophy from University of California, Berkeley.

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