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How to Succeed in Sales
Episode 11 How to Succeed in Sales Did you know that 70% of people who go into sales as a career end up failing? When co-host John Voris faced that reality in his sales career, out of desperation he analyzed what really works when selling to people. In this episode, John and co-host Kim Eley...
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Linda Hardenstein Career Coach
Linda Hardenstein, a coach who specializes in working with professionals to help them achieve their career goals, discusses her process for success in this episode. Having spent many, many years working with attorneys in a legal career, finding which area in the legal field would bring her the most satisfaction eluded her until she met...
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How Do You Communicate? Authentic Rapport
Communication creates the trust and rapport between all people. Increasing your understanding of others makes you a more effective, confident person. In this episode, John and Kim will discuss how to create authentic rapport and how to put that knowledge to practical use.
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How Manifesting Really Works
Numerous books and beliefs describe how to manifest the life you want. But how does manifesting really work? In this episode, John and Kim explore the realities of manifestation that lies outside the world of the woo-woo.
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In this episode, John and Kim explain how to know you are being your authentic self, and its importance. It started with John’s frustration with seminars, where people were trying to get people to become someone they’re not. Delve into this fascinating topic with us.
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