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Personality Test

Personality Profile Tests Lack Personality

Personality profile tests are promoted as providing information about how a person will actually perform and behave in the workplace or fit within an organization. They rely on statistical surveys where averages are collated generating ideal averages then placed in an algorithm for testing. These averages of others have only a random relationship with the...
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The 3 Types of Salespeople: Surf, Turf and Amphibian

“Sales isn’t for everybody. Sorry, we don’t think you are cut out for sales.” Have you ever been on the receiving end of such a statement? Most sales managers will emphatically state that a salesperson who is not meeting his or her sales quota simply doesn’t have the “Right Stuff.” Unfortunately, their judgment is based...
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the psychology of selling

The Psychology of Selling Imported from Europe

My interest in the psychology of selling was rooted from my own frustrations and failures while making a living selling products door to door. What really puzzled me was that the same training I was given for sales was taught to every potential salesperson. Yet I noticed that some salespeople thrived, while others failed, all...
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Podcast #3 Life Theme Identity and Happiness Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSHealthy self-esteem occurs when you can express your true identity. John Voris and Solarzar talk about self-esteem; how people generate meaning in their lives based on their values and how that is tied to the Life Theme and Authentic Identity.
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Podcast #2 The Power That Drives the Personality Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSThere is something that is deeper than our personality at work that is running the show. Our personality is merely the way we appear in social situations. It is not what drives us. What drives us are ancient archetypal forces based on moral and ethical virtues. These forces...
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Podcast #1 Personality Versus Identity

This first podcast of “Your Life Purpose” with John Voris and Solazar discussing the difference between what a personality is and how it is different from identity. All of us have a strong sense of a timeless, unchanged self. This enables you to reflect on and relive feelings of past experiences. This is your stable...
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Universal Virtues

Life Themes As Universal Virtues

While personality is only our style of expression the power driving this expression is our inner Identity. This power begins with our natural Universal Archetypal Life Themes of Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power. A Life Purpose Theme has a similar function as four different frames encasing artists paintings. Each frame would offer a particular meaning...
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