Authentic Living Podcast

Too many great people, just like yourself, find themselves with the wrong career, the wrong relationship, or the wrong college degree because they made deeply uninformed decisions when it came to their critical life choices. What if you could break the code of who you really are so that you actually start living the life you deserve and were originally designed to have? That’s what the Authentic Living: Podcast for a Better Life is all about. Your hosts, John Voris and Kim Eley, have shown thousands of people what their Authentic Identity really is and how to allow that identity to dominate their careers, connect with the partner of their dreams, and choose the best degree and plan for themselves or their children. If you’re ready to finally live your best life based on what you were designed to be then we invite you to understand what it means to know and live by the code of your Authentic Identity. Every Monday listen to a new episode and remember to subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform.