Ask John Voris

John offers a one-on-one live Identity Assessment that reveals the hidden motivations of this clients missed by traditional American personality profile testing. Through this process, many questions are answered about the clients life, their world view, their hidden philosophy, and what motivates them.

His method has helped hundreds of people find what they were actually looking for and was prompted by others to bring it to the internet. 

He only recently brought his method to the popular QUORA platform and upon public interest was inspired to offer a Q&A on his website (below). He can now bring his method derived from European scholars to the American audience. 

He is also available to discuss a specific issue or question in a phone session.


John responds within 24 hours after you submit your question.

Book a One Session Question

John Voris for decades has helped over a thousand people discover their authentic selves and solve personal issues that have been hampering them for decades. His wisdom and intuition have guided people into wise decisions as they learn from their own nature what the right answer is.

As the name suggests, the One Session Question allows you to ask a single question in a 30-minute timeframe. The sessions are on the phone and can be scheduled online for $75.