John Voris

John Voris has always been interested in philosophy, the great thinkers, and psychology. Against his parents’ wishes that he become a lawyer, he attended University of California, Berkeley, where he received a B.S. in Philosophy. He soon had a family and supported them working as a cold-call salesman.

John’s beginning efforts were a dramatic failure. So he decided to ignore virtually everything he was taught by the sales industry, and instead engaged in a living experiment: he put his philosophy degree to good use as he applied it to his new sales efforts. Indeed, every new sales prospect would become its own case study.

It didn’t take long before John discerned a vital pattern of behavior in his customers, and within six months he had a proven, successful selling model. He applied this model for decades, earning himself a very comfortable living in what is generally considered to be the toughest sales gig on the planet: retail, door to door, cold-call sales.

John retired from sales in early 2000 so that he could create programs and train people with the method he discovered and refined. He taught sales people and executive coaches to use his approach. Now he is bringing his Authentic Identity approach to the general public.

John lives in Carmel, California with his wife Kathleen, who founded and operates a nursing care facility. They have two daughters who are both artists.