November 17, 2022
Authentic Living Podcast with Carol Chisholm

Federal Intelligence Psychologist Carol Chisholm Talks Authentic Systems

Dr. Carol Chisholm, self-described eclectic psychologist and delightful guest, joins co-hosts John Voris and Kim Eley for a lively discussion about personality profile tests, the Authentic Systems assessment and how it stands out, the revealing process of asking 6 questions, depression, high school students, and whether Carol would recommend that counselors, coaches and trainers take...
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Western Psychology versus European Psychology

For decades, a battle has been brewing. And likely you have been completely unaware of it. The 1960 edition of Existence, edited by Rollo May, begins to explain the conflict between American Psychology and European Psychology. May explained that around the time of WWII, American psychiatrists and psychologists had noted a gap in our understanding...
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