Maybe you just think you know who you really are. I’m not just talking about archetypes, which you may or may not yet understand. I’m talking about something far more elemental. You must realize that you consist of two people. One is the person you know deep down in yourself. The other is the person that you present to the outside world.

Those are two different people. The authentic self inside is unique; some would say it is your soul. The personality, the “you” that you present to family and friends, strangers and colleagues is a mask you created as a buffer between you and the people, places, and things you encounter in your life.

In the movie Annie Hall, starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, the characters are talking to each other. At the bottom of the screen are sub-titles that express what they’re really thinking. That’s a little like the difference between your authentic self inside and the personality you show outside.

Why does this matter? Because the better you know inner yourself, the better are your relations with the outside world. This applies to both your personal and your professional life.

In addition to conducting seminars over the years on Authentic archetypes, John Voris has consulted with more than 500 private clients, showing them how to discover their true selves. And each of them, upon learning their dominant archetypes, had an “Aha!” moment. Every one of them. Many described the feeling this way: “A light went on for me.” Others said that discovering their Authentic archetype was like putting on a perfectly-fitting suit.

When they recognized their true selves and started reviewing their lives, they recalled instances during which dominant archetype stood out – when they “flew their true colors,” as several clients described it.

There’s a liberating feeling when you connect with your inside self. The different realities of your Authentic self and your personality become clear. You realize that the more you reveal your true self to others, the better you feel, and the better are your relationships, both at home and at work.

The more you know yourself, the more authentic is your personality. And when you are perceived to be “real,” the people you meet and keep in your circle will be real. People who know themselves have little time for people who choose to put on a mask.

Another advantage to narrowing the difference between your Authentic self and your personality is that it reduces your stress level. Stress is primary source for all ill health, so when you reduce your stress, your physical, emotional, and spiritual self are all likely to benefit.

It takes far less effort to show yourself as the person you truly are. You have no extraneous stories to remember. You now have a single source for who you are, and that is your Authentic self.

How do you get there from here? How do you learn your Authentic archetype and begin to know your true self? If you haven’t figured it out on the basis of what you’ve read on this site, or in John’s Book, Which One Are You? answer the 25 questions in the assessment on the next page. It’s a simple questionnaire that will take only a few minutes.