Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect before reading it, but WOW, what a mind opener. Everyone should use this book as a tool to find out who you really are. – Hospitality GM

In Which One Are You?, John Voris creates a new lens into the processes of our psychic energy, into how we embrace-and how we resist– life. Through his readable book, Mr. Voris informs the layman about the hidden motivating constructs operating deep in our brains, structures that lead to beliefs, to operating systems, to all that we are and how we bring ourselves into the world. His theories as set forth in this tome are a fascinating adventure into oneself, enabling us, perhaps, to enrich our lives by making that which is us more understandable, more integrated and, thus, more effective. – Real Estate Developer

John’s explanation of the authentic archetypes shed light on some of my core motivations and helped me to accept and appreciate my natural proclivities and those closest to me. The book is a must-read if you want to change careers and have the courage to be true to yourself. – Business Development Director

It really gives people a sense of who they are and what type of work they need to be doing in order to be happy. Because it encompasses all the pieces of who they are.
Linda Hardenstein is a career counselor and coach. She used John’s approach assessment, “because I find out of all the assessments that I’ve worked with, that this one really gives them a sense of who they are. Helps them discover more about themselves than they’ve discovered in the past. Or that they know from taking other assessments. And then we use that as the foundation for our work going forward. I help them to match their job, or what they should be doing, to who they are. And once they are in a job that is the right fit that fits with them authentically, I find that they are more fulfilled in their work.”

Linda has done career coaching with hundreds of clients, and with John’s assessment over 50 times. She puts her clients through her own program which includes the assessment plus four coaching sessions and helps them to re-work their LinkedIn page and their resumé to really align with who they are authentically and what the assessment has found for them.

How does that work for her and her clients? “There’s a 96% success rate in people being able to get into jobs that they like, that they’re happy with, that they’re fulfilled in.”

She adds, “Because the Authentic assessment is so genuine to who they are, I find that the choices that they make based on the results of that last over time. I have people eight years after we’ve assessed them and I’ve worked with them telling me that they’re still happy in the jobs that they’re doing.”

It is not just about their professional lives. “It also impacts their personal lives, and their relationships. I think it really helps them realize what fits for them and what doesn’t. Helps them make choices about the kind of relationships that they want to have with people; the kinds of results that they’re seeking. They are able to express who they are verbally because they have more clues about who they are.”

Linda Hardenstein ~ Career Coach

Exceptional and highly recommended
“It is truly liberating to finally understand one’s own authentic motivation. Although I know myself well, John uncovered and explained preferences, behaviors and ideas that I used to believe were random. I now understand through his unique guidance, that they are all part of the synergistic whole, the Authentic Self. John has discovered and brought into being a unique modality for personal growth and increasing self awareness. Exceptional and highly recommended.”

Barbara Aegle

It will wow you like it wowed me!
“When I had my first session with John I wasn’t sure I would find what I was looking for. I was in the process of discovering who I was as a professional and I ended up discovering who I was as a person. It’s amazing what happens when you know who you are! The whole process was intriguing and profound. I learned the kind of person I am, which explained SO MUCH about what drives me, what upsets me and what I can do to change if I’m not happy.

The Authentic Identity Reading is so different from what I’ve experienced before. It became a tool for me personally and professionally. It helped me accept that I am unique and it boosted my confidence. John was phenomenal and I am very grateful our paths crossed. I highly recommend him – it will wow you like it wowed me!”

Human Resources Director

Working with John Voris is like finding your own “You are here!” spot on the giant map of life.
M”ost people are aware of the giant directory maps at the shopping mall, the ones where you have to look for the big red dot that says “You are here!” Working with John Voris to discover your Life Theme is kind of like finding your own “You are here!” spot on the giant map of life. It’s not rocket science, it’s more like common sense, and it has helped me figure out how to better pursue what it is that I really want to do.”

Chris Anderson

The whole process has been extremely eye-opening and empowering on many levels.
“Through the sessions with John Voris I have been helped to identify what truly motivates me in life, how I personally view the world around me and how I relate to it. Now I understand my strengths and how to put them to use in more positive ways. I also have been able to see what career choices would better suit my personality. The whole process has been extremely eye-opening and empowering on many levels.

Learning the “Life Theme” of my husband and children has been enlightening as well. ‘Knowledge is Power” and when you know and understand what motivates those close to you and how they uniquely perceive and react to the world around them, it can enrich the relationship and bring about acceptance and peace.

I found the whole experience very profound. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to improve their life and relationships.”

Eileen Gee ~ Wife and Mother