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The Life Themes: Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power

John Voris describes the difference between emotions and feelings in a simple and effective way.

The Difference Between Abstract and Physical Results

We all naturally seek positive outcomes to the actions we take in life. However, not all of us are on the same page when it comes to the type or style of how we desire these results to manifest. It’s a little know fact that there are only two classes or result types that people fall into. You are either an Abstract or a Physical result oriented person.

Your Objects and the Symbols They Represent

John Voris lectures on how objects reveal the life purpose through their inherent symbols.

Is Evil Necessary?

John Voris discusses how evil is necessary.

Dualism and the Authentic Self

John Voris teaches the difference between the Abstract and Physical selves calling them Authentic and Synthetic and how we relate to the world with the two.

The Difference Between Emotions and Feelings

John Voris describes the difference between emotions and feelings in a simple and effective way.


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Podcast #3 Life Theme Identity and Happiness

Healthy self-esteem occurs when you can express your true identity. John Voris and Solarzar talk about self-esteem; how people generate meaning in their lives based on their values and how that is tied to the Life Theme and Authentic Identity.

Podcast #2 The Power That Drives the Personality

There is something that is deeper than our personality at work that is running the show. Our personality is merely the way we appear in social situations. It is not what drives us. What drives us are ancient archetypal forces based on moral and ethical virtues. These forces are virtues or gifts that we are born with and are compelled to express and give throughout our life.

Podcast #1 Personality Versus Identity

This first podcast of “Your Life Purpose” with John Voris and Solazar discussing the difference between what a personality is and how it is different from identity.

All of us have a strong sense of a timeless, unchanged self. This enables you to reflect on and relive feelings of past experiences. This is your stable identity, and from this identity you receive the notion that you are the same, unaltered person you have always been.