Life Theme Consultation

Your Life Theme:
The Engine That Drives You

Your Life Theme offers a framework that gives shape to what motivates and drives you throughout your life. It is the answer that you have been searching for.

It has been discovered in the studies of anthropology, sociology and archaeology that there are four major influences or archetypes that govern human behavior. They are Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power.

These four archetypes have many roles and functions that compose our identity. It is their adequacy of expression that is responsible for us living a life of happiness and success. While each of us contains all four, there is one that takes precedent over the others.

They are responsible for our feelings and emotional reactions often causing anxiety, fear, anger, self-doubt, alienation, the lack of life meaning and purpose. Once you know your personal driving Archetype, you will be able to understand its presence and better manage your life.

The advantage of understanding your life theme is that it provides you with insight into why you react to certain situations the way you do. Once you know what your Life Theme is it becomes far easier to attain your goals.

You can schedule follow-up Life Theme sessions with John to understand other people’s life themes. The advantage of figuring out other people’s life themes is that you will then have a much better understanding of why they may be behaving in a certain way. Once you figure this out, you suddenly know an incredible amount about the inner workings of that person.

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