What Is Life Purpose and Authentic Identity?

What Is Your Authentic Identity?

John Voris produced a clear vision of the engines that drive our life purpose and mission in life. It is the unique expression of each of these engines  combined that make up an individual’s total experience and what he calls “The Authentic Identity.”

Life Themes are Universal Archetypes of Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power
Life Themes are Universal Archetypes of Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power

The Life Theme forms your worldview and your personalized belief system that drives everything you think, say and do. It is the main engine in your being and produces your Authentic Identity. Your quest for the meaning of your life begins here. All of us have one dominant theme we follow in life.

There are four Life Themes or Universal Archetypes called Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power. These themes are the framework that will eventually contain the uniqueness of each individual. For example we all experience love but how we express that is uniquely our own.

Authentic and Synthetic:
The Dualistic Nature of Your Single Identity

Within your Life Theme there are two major aspects of your single identity: An Authentic Aspect (the Authentic Self) which expresses your abstract state of “being” and a Synthetic Aspect (the Synthetic Self) which expresses your outward state of “doing”. Together, these two produce a sort of identity engine that drives your overall sense of Self forward allowing for a complete sense of self expression and unified identity. It enables you to project your unique brand of Life Theme out into the world. In essence it declares: “I exist, I am unique, I have purpose and I make a difference.”

Your mind is busy crossing back and forth between being and doing but it gets exhausted and you need to shift into a different state to escape and refresh.

Your Rejuvenating Self is your alternate way of being, doing, becoming and acting. It allows you to temporarily escape yourself and take a well-deserved break. This is a variation of the concept of the “Alter Ego.” It is a key ingredient to long-lasting, intimate relationships as compatibility is tied to how two people rejuvenate together.

Motivating Results

We all naturally seek positive outcomes to the actions we take in life. However, not all of us are on the same page when it comes to the type or style of how we desire these results to manifest. It’s a little know fact that there are only two classes or result types that people fall into. You are either an Abstract or a Physical result oriented person.
Physical Results
Persons geared towards physical results prefers the simplicity and certainty of physically based outcomes. If they can see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, and touch it, they are pretty well satisfied with it. If they encounter an idea it must be validated and the result must be manifested in some sensory form otherwise it simply is not satisfying enough. Thus, their talents and energies are best focused on producing concrete, measurable, empirical or predictable results. For example one of my clients is a musician who found the most satisfaction from producing the  physical sounds which invokes abstract feelings for the listener.
Abstract Results
Persons geared towards abstract results are extremely comfortable in the world of non- physical ideas and concepts. Ideas are very real and meaningful for them. When they have a conceptual thought it does not need to be manifested in the physical realm because it is satisfying enough to have it live in their mind. Thus, their talents and energies are best focused on producing ideas. For example a great many of my abstract clients have been psychologists, coaches and counselors as they provide abstract ideas which moves the client into physical action.
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