The Deeper Levels Revealed Through Authentic Systems
Your Authentic Identity deeply permeates your life’s motivations to help ensure your uniqueness and a happy life. Your Authentic Identity is an inherited blueprint and foundation that support the design and expression of your individual signature in life. It is the master plan responsible for your sense of: what is real; how you create reality around what you believe is real; how you engage in that reality; and how to form your unique virtual reality.

Authentic Systems maps out the individual architectural levels of the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious mind. These are genetically driven and include abstract archetypal characteristics that are socially and authentically interpreted. Taken together, these primary, secondary, and tertiary archetypes create a self-regulating, essential system that generates our Authentic Identity. These levels have both horizontal applications and vertical depth, creating a holistic view of human nature and our human condition. The following is what you will learn about yourself through the archetypes you represent.

Authentic Identity: Early in your impressionable childhood, an intense emotional event (or a series of events) occurred which had a significant impact on you causing you to feel as if something were missing in you. Perhaps you don’t recall it, but nevertheless, it happened. In that moment, you passed judgment on the situation as an interpretation of life and formed an opinion as to “what life was all about for you” as well as the “best way to live life” in order to find and secure and retrieve what you had lacked. That is, the singular or series of events that caused you to feel inadequate triggered one of four Authentic Identities to repair your sense of deficiency.

There are just four possible Authentic Identities: Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power. All four reside within you; however, one of these four is dominant as your Authentic Identity and directs how you see and interpret all four. These are the four major Archetypes of Virtue that set the criteria for all of your Moral judgments by directing your first primary and authentic Motivation. This dominant theme is a very personalized belief system from which you derive all meaning, purpose, understanding, direction, and motivation. In fact, your entire existence is spent validating it as the one and only belief system that truly matters and is responsible for your sense of oneness throughout your life. Your Authentic Identity is genetically fixed in order for you to have a single sense of unique identity.

(A virtue is the tool used to actively capture, retain, and empower what we value. What we value conforms to our Authentic Identity.)

Once you have captured your Authentic Identity, a great deal can be explained. However, there are several deeper levels revealing a multitude of hidden aspects that await your exploration.

Authentic Motivator: Your Authentic Motivator is the first active domain functioning as your love of being. This psychic energy is focused on your internal condition as to the ebb and flow of your registered self-worth. It is motivated by the tension generated by what the Authentic Identity is seeking against the obstacles that are bound to occur along the journey. This motivator is dedicated toward capturing the feelings of self-love and the various forms of loving others, from friendships to intimate life partners. Most importantly, this motivator defines your feelings of happiness and contentment. By knowing the quality of life your Authentic Identity has always been seeking, you can begin to focus on what is needed to be happy.

While your Authentic Identity dictates the quality of life, the Authentic Motivator establishes the kind and type of expression that best conforms to the Authentic Identity. This motivation seeks out what is conforming and avoids what is nonconforming to your Authentic Identity. That is, your Authentic Identity attempts to guide if you marry and to whom, where you live, your career choice, your hobbies, what you purchase, and much more. This is your Love quadrant.

Authentic Facilitator: Your Authentic Facilitator is the second active domain functioning as the desire for knowledge. This is your Wisdom quadrant. This faculty is the medium through which knowledge is absorbed, focusing on what will best serve and express your Authentic Motivation. This faculty is designed to choose which knowledge is needed and absorbed that meets the requirements for consistent authentic expression. It is responsible for certain learning topics to be easy or difficult, interesting or dull. School grades are directly associated with this faculty, explaining why some will always work harder in math but find English courses easy. This will reveal your preferred way of thinking as well and how you learn, producing meaning in your life.

Authentic Acknowledgement: These are moments of self-acknowledgment from others and ourselves. Acknowledgement validates the effectiveness of the Authentic Identity, our Authentic Motivator and Facilitator.

All Authentic faculties are states of being, such as when we are being kind by donating (doing) to a charity. When it comes to securing a career, you must choose one where you need “to be” expressing your Authentic side in order to produce and sustain feelings of happiness.

Motivating Personality: Your motivating personality is the third active domain. This is externally focused psychic energy. This domain-function is to compel social interaction in order to become greater than you are now. This is your Justice quadrant, serving as a faculty that enables you to empathize with others yet tame this empathy with knowledge. The combination of empathy and knowledge establishes the foundation for making moral and ethical integrity. Justice finds its expression and purpose through you, an arbiter and negotiator of what is right and good in the world. This is also the source for fair and Ethical behavior. Ethics concentrates on what is good and bad while morality focuses on what is right and wrong.

Personality Facilitator: This faculty enables action to take place as directed from the Personality Motivator. This is the Power quadrant, housing your Will to act. This is the final focus of energy that produces purpose in your life from the meaning generated from your Wisdom quadrant. Your Will possesses the capacity to also generate meaning and purpose for others to take action. The Power quadrant finds expression through you as a leader to provide opportunities for people to express themselves to their fullest extent.

Personality Acknowledgement: These are moments of self-acknowledgment from others or ourselves. This Acknowledgment validates the effectiveness of your Personality Motivator and Facilitator as expressions of Doing in the physical world. Here we must choose a career that offers the opportunity “to do” as expressed by your Personality, in order to produce moments of emotional joy.

Rejuvenating Identity: The rejuvenating identity is the third part of your whole identity and is exceedingly vital to your well-being. It is an alternate way of both “being” and “doing” that temporarily escapes both your Authentic and Personality sides so that you can take a break and recharge. It is responsible for those instances in which you seem to behave differently than your usual self. It is also the key to long- lasting, intimate relationships.

All of the facets discussed shape a sense of reality, personal meaning, and development that validates your actions. To escape this reliable foundation is to enter into its opposite: your brand of Chaos and the Unknown. This explains why an accountant may find being at a car race rejuvenating, or a computer coder relaxes while playing online graphic games of war.

Abstract of Physical Results: Everyone has a dominant preference to seek either an abstract (idea) or physical result of change. This disposition shapes your interests and determines what you expect from yourself and others. Additionally, it directs the compliments you give and expect to receive.

A counselor generates abstract results when s/he speaks to a client.. Even though speaking is a physical process, this particular counselor finds achievement and a sense of completion in simply offering advice. A plumber, on the other hand, may find pleasure and accomplishment only in stopping a leaky pipe or installing a water heater. When a husband and wife are driven by opposite results, they usually miss the affection being communicated by each other and feel that parting is the only remedy. However, once they see that their affection has been channeled in nonconforming ways for the other, the relationship can be saved.

Consumer Type—Expression or Reward? The Individual consumer is motivated by a dominant energy originating from either the unconscious desire for a reward or the Authentic projection of their Authentic Identity. What you purchase, therefore, is either an expression of your Identity or is a means to reward your Identity. Knowing this justifies your buying habits. Simultaneously, bringing this finding to your conscious mind enables you to control it rather than having it control you.

Social Type: Private or Public. There is a great deal of confusion here due to the sales training industry. Being an introvert does not mean you’re a wall flower or shy. Nor does being an extrovert mean you’re the life of the party. In fact, high-paced action films often use introverted actors like Clint Eastwood. The actor or actress must “get into character” and feel their presence within themselves. Introverts focus on an internal orientation. For the introvert, the object is secondary, whereas for the extrovert, the object is primary. Extroverts have a positive attitude toward external objects and orient themselves predominantly by outward social norms.

Carl Jung considered these as attitude types representing a polarity between the object and the subject. One will be dominant depending on the Authentic Identity and Authentic Motivator. This also impacts not only your competence regarding employment but how this preference helps to design your brand of joy and happiness in life.

This is how we see the world, which is different from seeking a physical or abstract result.

Authentic Purpose: the above components represent the foundation to your Authentic Identity in its purist Form. They are only Forms or empty vessels that are capable of coming alive wherever you are born and ready to be filled with your life experiences. Whether your parents gave you birth in Brazil, Russia, Spain, Africa, or in the United States, this blueprint is fully capable of providing you with the basic cognitive faculties you need to live a full and happy life. In this way, your identity is an Authentic System ready for life.

Your Authentic Purpose is your only true need of expression. It the Holistic expression of you generated from all of your aspects of motivation and your facilitators.