Authentic Identity Consultation

An Authentic Identity Consultation:
The Ultimate Journey into Self Knowledge

The Authentic Identity Consultation is a fascinating journey that unfolds the facets that make up your unique one-of-a-kind Authentic Identity.

Each one of us is here for a reason and a purpose and therefore we are designed to fulfill that function. What you will ultimately learn during the reading is the extremely unique way in which you have assembled these capacities to constitute your Authentic Identity.

Learn More About Your Authentic Identity

What the Consultation Includes

The Authentic Identity Consutlation is actually a series of two sessions that we can do on the phone or in my office in Carmel, California. First you fill out the Authentic Identity Questionnaire and email it to me before our first scheduled session. Together, we review your answers and in that review the hidden aspects of who you are come to the surface. This can take anywhere from one to two hours.

Then you are asked to take a week to test the validity of the discoveries made during the initial session. You are supported during this time with a workbook and exercises that you can do to help you process all you have learned. We proceed with the second session where I refine my insights and help you deepen your understanding and coach you on how to integrate this knowledge into your everyday life. If you have an outstanding issue you need resolved we can schedule additional sessions.

The Reading Package:
• Two phone sessions with John Voris
• Authentic Identity Workbook – 8 pages
• Life Theme Report – 11 pages
• MP3 Recording of the Sessions

Aspects of Yourself That You Will Come to Understand

Authentic Identity Illustrated

Authentic Identity is made up of different aspects of the Self.

You will learn powerful aspects about yourself and how leverage each of these in a way that contributes to your success and self-worth.
Three Selves - Authentic, Synthetic and Rejuvenator
Authentic Facilitator and Motivator
• Specific Life Theme Identity
• The Type of Results That Bring You Most Joy and Happiness: Abstract or Physical Results
• Your REAL Energy Pattern of Introversion and Extroversion
Consumer Type - What Motivates Your Purchasing Decisions

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"It will wow you like it wowed me!"
"When I had my first session with John I wasn't sure I would find what I was looking for. I was in the process of discovering who I was as a professional and I ended up discovering who I was as a person. It’s amazing what happens when you know who you are! The whole process was intriguing and profound. I learned the kind of person I am, which explained SO MUCH about what drives me, what upsets me and what I can do to change if I’m not happy. The Authentic Identity Reading is so different from what I've experienced before. It became a tool for me personally and professionally. It helped me accept that I am unique and it boosted my confidence. John was phenomenal and I am very grateful our paths crossed. I highly recommend him – it will wow you like it wowed me!"
M.R. ~ Human Resources