Everyone possesses aspects of these four archetypes – Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power – and one of them is dominant. Most people are unfamiliar with these archetypes, and thus do not know which one they are. But people who discover which is their authentic archetype discover that their lives improve.

They were tired of tripping over their own feet. They didn’t want to make unforced errors any more. They had probably invested time and money in self-help books and tapes and program seeking to learn what was wrong with them and how to fix it.

They weren’t alone; Americans spend more than $10,000,000,000 every year on self-help programs, and if they were like most people, they started on, quit it, and later started another one. But these efforts didn’t resolve what was bothering them.

The reason…because they weren’t broken. There was nothing to fix. They didn’t need to perform repairs. All they needed to do was become aware of who they really are. And upon learning which was their authentic archetype, they came to know themselves better. Knowing themselves meant they didn’t have to pretend to be someone else anymore.

Here are some broad definitions of the four archetypes.

Love people are compassionate. Their lives are about serving others, especially those most in need. They want to take care of people.

Justice people are about fairness; they want things to work and what is right to prevail. They see the duality of situations because they are parts of both Love and Wisdom.

Wisdom people are voracious consumers of knowledge. They are hungry to know and be a great source of information.

And the Power people are the ones who get things done. They are the doers, the people who act.

Maybe you think of people you know in different terms. Here’s another way to look at the different archetypes.
Most people, probably 60%, are Love people. They are frequently care-givers, nurses, waiters and waitresses, customer service representatives, non-profit volunteers, and philanthropists. Famous Love people include Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Florence Nightingale.

Justice people are maybe 25% of the population. They are very often entrepreneurs, involved in different projects. Like Love they empathize with others and like Wisdom they apply their knowledge to resolve their issues. Bill Gates, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Barbara Jordan would be Justice people.

Wisdom people are 10% of society. They are often the attorneys, the doctors, and the teachers, who use knowledge to win cases for their clients, make their patients well, and give information to their students. Thomas Edison, Barbara Tuchman, and Warren Buffet would all be Wisdom people.

And Power people are 5%. They are doers well-suited for careers that enable them to lead, direct, guide, consult, or coach others, so they would gravitate to politics, corporate management, and professional sports. George Patton, Julius Caesar, and Hillary Clinton would be likely Power people.

And you have all four of those characters in you, to one degree or another. Not bad company, whichever one is your authentic or dominant archetype.

If you haven’t figured out which one you are, you can fill out an assessment questionnaire, and we will respond immediately to tell you which of the archetypes is dominant in you.

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